Charnwood COVID-19 strategy document.


Alongside the government, several agencies (The AA, South West Tourism Alliance, Visit England and Quality in Tourism) are all devising their own guidelines and certification schemes. We are keeping a close eye on developments with all of these and will be following all recommended procedures as applicable. We also hope to get certified with at least one of them. The timing for some of this is very much ‘finger in the air’, since the government are not forthcoming with information, including dates. July 4th is still our expectation, however, this could easily change and it’s possible new operational rules are distributed very close to that date.


Currently our plans are based on the above mentioned agencies and also from forums, jungle drums (!) and of course common sense.

Below is where we are currently up to, this list is dynamic, so if you have concerns, please refer to a fresh copy, or better still, contact us directly.


Social distancing.

Currently at 2 meters, even if this distance officially drops, we still intend to maintain maximum distance from others as far as is possible.


Property – general areas.

We have enhanced our cleaning procedures and changed our products and cleaning frequency. All high touch areas will be cleaned many times during the day.

Leaflets will still be available, but we request they are only touched if of interest. The guest fridge will still be available (as things stand), this will again be cleaned frequently and we ask that guests only touch areas as needed.

There is a sanitiser station in the arrival hall, along with tissues and a receptacle for disposal.



Again, cleaning procedures are greatly enhanced. Products used are certified to EU standards EN1276 and EN14476.

At the moment we don’t plan on entering the guest rooms once occupied – unless in an emergency. 

Some throws and cushions are to be removed, the remaining linens will be washed at higher temperatures and circulated to ensure a 72 hour quarantine period between uses.

If supplies are running low, please let us know and we can leave more outside of the room.

We do not plan on running the business at capacity, this will give us further flexibility on rooms, where we can circulate and leave a vacated room empty for a quarantine period.

Room keys will be quarantined and sanitised between guests, we have also replaced some older key rings which would have been difficult to keep clean.



We are still planning on ultimately serving the same breakfast. Seating arrangements are still to be finalised, and this will vary depending on number of guests and timing. We are also looking at clear dividing screens in some areas.

We will be more hands on with the service and wearing PPE as appropriate. We hope to keep the feel as down to earth as possible, without feeling as if you are eating in a hospital (!).



Our booking systems generally enable a contactless transaction. If you change your mind and wish to change how you pay, that is fine and we will continue with distancing and without contact. We will still be accepting cash (with sanitisation and quarantine procedures).



Should you feel unwell before you travel with the documented symptoms of the virus (high temperature, persistent cough), please contact us to rearrange your booking.

If you become unwell whilst with us, please let us know urgently and head home to self isolate. We will take necessary action within the property afterwards, deep cleaning and quarantining the room.

Of course we shall be monitoring our own health and taking action as necessary.


Finally, should we have not addressed anything that is of particular concern to you, or just have questions, please contact us. We are keen to work through this virus and will be only too happy to help.